Anyone who did not hunt in his wow-heroic life on the time-relenter protodrates in the storm portions that may lift his hand. It is assumed that very few hands are stretched in the air. For many WoW players alone is the model of the protodrates already worth the effort to get the riding to one or the other way.

The (theoretically) easiest way to come to a protodrate is often (practical) but the tidestest: the rarespawn time-relenter protrache in the storm portions appears rare, flies a long route and is still today, just under 13 years after the release of the WOW extension Wrath of the Lich King, still a permanent spawn. Everyone … Well, almost everyone wants to have this mount. The fact that the kill of the protodropache means not Insta-Win, which had to know wow-fan Knuffya.

40 to 50 hours waiting for a kill

Knuffya waited for 40 to 50 hours so that he can finally get the Kill of Rare. Because: The MOB drops the mount with a chance of 100 percent. Only as already mentioned: The time-relenter protocol is still highly competitive today. After eternal hours Knuffya fortunately held in time lapse, it finally comes to the kill of the coveted dragon.

Knuffya crashes to death, but what does it do, the prey is finally his! The problem is only … The corpse of the dragon is so unfavorable in the mountains that Knuffya can not lote the cattle. Argh!
(Routed to Minute 7:30 for the kill – and the drama)

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About 25 minutes Knuffya then bumped into a solution as he comes to his prey. He killed an eagle at a place he could just reach the lotot. The surface loose then did the rest. Congratulations Knuffya, we are jealous!

Source | Icyveins

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