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DFB country associations underpin no to Peters

Even the consultations in Hamburg recently read like the unspoken for Peters, the outgoing supervisory board of the German Football League DFL: At that time it was said that the new strong man should come from the amateur camp at the top. The fact that the ranks with a view of the Personie Peters may not be closed as a hundred percent, suggests the following process: Immediately after the meeting in the Hanseatic city, a participant in conversation with the Peters explained that Peters would still be in question if a national association would suggest him . However, on the subsequent press conference, it was said that the new DFB President or the President had to work in the amateur sector.

The presidential conference now on this Monday in Frankfurt / Main: As a prerequisite, the candidating person should bring the active participation in a state or regional association in excessive role. It must not be expressly practiced by a president of a state or regional association. That would exclude Peters. However, the DFL or another, decent member could very well nominate the former Schalke CFO. The DFB statute and the rules of procedure of the Bundestag, which takes place on March 11, 2022 in Frankfurt / Main, was very well.

That the DFL Peters nominated against the will of the amateurs, currently seems unlikely

So comes to a fight candidacy? Peters against an amateur ? Whereby the hot-traded Bernd Neuendorf (FV Mittelrhein) has not yet officially known for the candidacy. That the DFL Peters nominated against the will of the amateurs seems unlikely. More likely there would be a state association from the statement from Monday and sends the 59-year-old to the race, especially since the offensive with an emancipation of the DFB of the long-term undisputed Dr. med. Rainer Koch promotes.

Currently, Koch and Peters perform the association interim. Koch has reaffirmed from looking for a successor to the resigned Fritz cellar. Therefore, he did not participate in a round of regional presidents on Sunday evening, representing him as South Association Chef Matthias Schöck. The Quintet around the Württemberg, Ralph-Uwe Schaffert (North), Herrmann Winkler (North-East), Peter Frymuth (West) and Thomas Bergmann (Southwest) has now the task of the further process of finding a suitable person for the DFB Presidency to organize and lead, says in a DFB message.

Until 15 November, the state and regional associations should propose persons. Clear order for the Regional Association Chiefs: Next step is the definition of a candidate or candidate for the Office of the DFB President or the DFB President. The fact that the passage is written in the singular makes it suggest that the state presidents do not go out of a fight candidacy.

Carabao Cup Manchester City excreted

Defending champion Manchester City has surprisingly missed the quarterfinals of the English ligapal. The team of TEMMANAGER PEP Guardiola lost on Wednesday evening at the Ligacon Timent West Ham United with 3: 5 (0: 0) in penalties. This ended the four-year supremacy of the Citizens in the Second English Cup competition next to the traditional Fa Cup.

The misfortune was the substitute Phil Foden. His penalty went over to the right on the goal, at West Ham met all five shooters.

Guardiola exchanged at nine positions compared to the weekend, only the German international Ilkay Gündogan and Kyle Walker stood again in the starting formation. The Skyblues rarely came to dangerous gate actions against defensively well-standing hammer in the regular season.

The FC Liverpool, however, celebrated the expected victory. The second division Preston North End won the team of TeMManager Jürgen Klopp with 2: 0 (0: 0). Takumi Minamino (62.) and Divock Origi (84th) met.

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Ligapokal: Havertz meets – Leno may ran
Top sport live on Dazn. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly.

The previous year s finalist Tottenham Hotspur reached with a 1-0 (0: 0) success at FC Burnley also the quarterfinals. Already on Tuesday, the FC Arsenal had prevailed with Bernd Leno and the FC Chelsea with national player Kai Hanctz.

FIFA 22 Totw 4 prediction of the Ultimate Team Week Team with Mbapp among the favorites

Manchester City (Officially Manchester City Football Club) – Also known as The Citizens or City – is a football club from Manchester. After the foundation in 1880 as West Gorton Saint Marks, the association played from 1887 under the name Ardwick A.F.C. and then moved to Hyde Road, before 1894 the final name Manchester City F.C. originated. The club won seven times the English championship, six times the FA Cup, six times the league and once the European Cup of the Cup winner. He plays in the Premier League and spent most of his history in the Supreme League. The official mascots of the association are the extraterrestrial Moonchester and Moonbeam.

We are already entering the fourth week of FIFA 22. So we re going to have this Wednesday, October 13, the fourth team of the week ( Totw 4 ) for FUT. Who really deserves part of that template of chosen? Mbappé played very good games during this international couple, Mané too and everything points out that we will have several top players on the team.

So, as every week, we are going to make our prediction with the players that we think they can be part of the team of the week in FIFA 22, receiving a special letter that will improve their skills and score.

As always, this list is a prediction and does not have to adjust with reality, but after studying the possibilities, these are our bets.

The 23 players who could be part of the Totw 4 team

Navas – PSG
Gvardiol – Leipzig
Marquinhos – PSG
Robertson – Liverpool
Maharez – Manchester City
Ilicic – Bergamo Calcio
Muller – Bayern Munich
Sancho – Manchester United
Towers – Manchester City
Mbappé – psg
Mané – Liverpool

Without forgetting at the bench they would be: Tapoba, Augustinsson, Olsen, Rodrigues, Koné, Wu Lei, Silva, Lovric, Choupo-Mining, Prevljak, Robinson and Valencia.

Obviously, there are many other players who can opt for a place on this team, however, we have to make a decision and these are our options

Idea original by MGG FRANCE

November 12 Released Game Watch Zelda Recording work The Legend of Zelda Link Adventure and Link Adventure The Legend of Zelda Dreams Dreaming Island Contents Enhancement Official Site Open

Nintendo is released on November 12, 2021 Game & Watch Zelda Legend Recording Works Zelda Legend Link Adventure Zelda s Legend Yume Opened the official site of islands.

The official site introduces various elements such as stories, basic actions, items and enemies of each work. It is a fulfilling content, such as a useful technique and a little tip in the game. You can also view the instruction manual at that time on each site.

In addition, the Topics of Nintendo official site features Legend of Game & Watch Zelda. In the first, we introduce the differences between music and graphics with another language version included in this unit. It is full of information such as the name for each language version to hear hidden BGM in The Legend of Zelda Hidden BGM, such as the name of the language for actually trying it.

Game & Watch Zelda Legend released on November 12, 2021. We are currently reserving at Mainintendo Store.

Game & Watch Zelda Legend ([ Limited] Original Acrylic Semee Stand included)
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Legend of Zelda Sky Ward Sword HD-SWITCH
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BVB talents win top

BV Borussia 09 Dortmund, commonly known as Borussia Dortmund or BVB, is a German football club founded on December 19, 1909 and based in Dortmund. The full name of Club Ballspiel-Verein Borussia, means German Borussia Ball Game Association, if its football section is the most famous BVB also includes handball and table tennis teams. Although Borussia is the Latin name of Prussia, it is in the name of a local brewery that it was reflected. The club evolves in 1. Bundesliga, the first division of German football.
Borussia is the first German club to win a European Cup (the Cup of Coupes in 1966) and became in 1997 the third German club to win the Champions League. Its stadium, the Iduna Park signal (formerly Westfalenstadion until 2005), is the largest stage of the German championship with 80 720 places, and holds the average record for Europe during the 2003-2004 season with 79,647 spectators. In 2000, the BVB becomes the first German listed club (Borussia Dortmund GmbH & Co. Kgaa). He was also a member of the G14 until his dissolution in 2008. Dortmund the bankruptcy during the 2004-2005 season and will play again the first roles as from his 7th title won during the 2010-2011 season. Borussia Dortmund has a great rivalry with other Ruhr clubs, especially with Schalke 04. And since the early 1990s, with Bayern Munich. The club also has many junior categories in its training center, as well as a team reserve named Borussia Dortmund II.

A few hours before the professionals of Borussia Dortmund meet in the Football Bundesliga on the 1st FC Cologne, the A-juniors of the two West clubs in the highest U19 play class have dueled. Cheers were allowed to end the BVB talents.

Thanks to a penalty hit of Torjäger Bradley Fink (77th), the Westphalia sat down on Saturday morning with 1: 0 (0: 0) at the rivals from the Rhine.

Through the threesome, the black-yellow young chicken built their lead at the table tip of the A-Juniors Bundesliga West temporarily on six points.

Happy Birthday, Fredi Bobic! | Top 5 Goals for BVB
The FC Schalke 04 can move back to three counters on Sunday. Prerequisite for this is a home win of the royal blue against Viktoria Cologne.

1. FC Cologne probably hot on BVB jewel Bradley Fink

Curios: Just matchwinner Fink is said to have drawn with its top services in the Dortmund U19 the interest of 1. FC Cologne.

More about it: 1 . FC Cologne apparently hot on super talent of BVB

In 14 encounters, the Swiss Junior National 2021/2022 has already met 18 times. According to Bundesliga West Picture Fink beckons (contract until 2023) in the coming summer already the jump in the professional squad of Borussia.

BVB: Lars Ricken Delighted by Bradley Fink

His outstanding talent should not be hidden from the competition. Allegedly, Cologne inquired before the season after the 1.93 meter attacker, which was changed from FC Lucerne to the Ruhr area in 2019. The BVB blocked the contact from the cathedral city, but it says.

As Bradley has developed in the past twelve months despite the long corona break, it is impressive, Dortmund s recessed leader Lars Ricken recessed. He had seldom seen a player in the offspring, which is so graduated with both feet.

Bayer Leverkusen Seoane advertises patience

American Football (English for American football ), or short football, is a ball Bundesligas originating from the United States and the most popular variant of a series of Bundesligas designated as Gridiron Football.

Save of the season contender as Bielefeld stun Bayer Leverkusen | ESPN FC Bundesliga Highlights
In the course of a game, which is held in four quarters to 15 (or 12) minutes, two teams of Eleven players try to bring play ball to the opposing end zone or to achieve a Field Goal to win points. The team-owned team (open, English for attack ) can be achieved by throwing (passing) as well as running or running or running) a spatial gain, which eventually leads through a touchdown or a Field Goal achieved. The defensive team (defense, English for defense ) tries to prevent the open to it and come in possession of the possession. If the offense of a team comes to the field, it has four attempts to gain a spacecraft of ten yards or more. If she creates this, she receives four new attempts, you do not succeed or lose the ball through an interception or a fumble, the right of attack goes to the opponent. When the defense pushes the open to its own end zone and tackles the opposing ball carrier, it can achieve a safety. Winner is the team that has achieved most points after the season has expired.

Bayer Leverkusen does not want to leave away from the recent setbacks in the DFB Cup and in the Football Bundesliga.

I could draw my conclusions: We have a young team with a lot of potential, but we need to work technically, tactical and mentally hard, said coach Gerardo Seoane on Friday before the home game against VfL Wolfsburg (Saturday, 15:30 / Sky).

Bayer had lost 1: 5 against Bayern Munich and playing a two-goal lead in Derby at the 1st FC Köln (2: 2), added to the Cup at home against the second division Karlsruher SC (1: 2 ). Seoane was patient, especially with the young players: We prefer to be today that everything works. But that does not work so fast.

Not at Robert Andrich, who may be missing against Wolfsburg – but from pleasing reason: The midfielder expects every hour to become a father. On the most beautiful day in life, the 27-year-old should definitely stand by his partner, Seoane emphasized: If it comes at half past four, it s just about four. He should definitely be there at birth.

Also behind the use of striker Lucas Alario (muscular problems) is according to Seoane a big question mark. After all, the Argentinian was at the end training, but a decision is only on the matchday.

1 FC Cologne hopes against the BVB on the return of a duo

TABEA KEMME (Stade, Germany, December 14, 1991) is a German policeman and exfutolista. The last team of her was the Arsenal of the Fa Women s Super League English.

Football Bundesliga club 1. FC Cologne hopes before the game at Borussia Dortmund on Saturday (15:30 / SKY) on a use of central defender Rafael Czichos and left outside Florian Kainz. Both had missed in the DFB Cup at the VFB Stuttgart (2: 0) on Wednesday, but they have been in training since Friday. Let s take a look at it, said coach Steffen Baumgart. Furthermore, midfielder Ellyes Skhiri (after breakage of the calf head), even Jannes Horn is expected after his hip surgery for next week in training. Baumgart sees his team despite the many BVB worries as outsiders. Dortmund has a few people s problems, but is one of the best teams in Germany, he stressed, It s all about winning the game and showing good performance, I am good things.

Dates stand WM 22 throws bui

The German Football League (GFL), official sponsorship name since 2021 Sharwater GFL, is the first Bundesliga for American football of the gentlemen in Germany. The amateur league is aligned by the American Football Association Germany (AFVD).

The Football Bundesliga starts on 5 August 2022 in the coming season. This is evident from the freinkal event, which the Bureau of the German Football Chamber has adopted.

HOW Germany lost its football identity | EURO 2021

The 2nd Bundesliga takes up the game work for three weeks earlier on 15 July, the 3rd league begins on July 22.

Because of the Winter World Championship in Qatar, the three leagues at unusual time set a round-month break. In the two profile people, the last matchday is in front of the World Cup from 11 to 13 November.

The 3rd league pauses from November 14 and continues the game operation on 13 January 2023. The Bundesliga follows on January 20, the 2nd league on January 27, 2023. The season finale in the upper house and in the 3rd league increases on May 27, 2023, a day afterwards the second league season ends.

The first round in the DFB Cup will be held between 29 July and August 1 coming year. On the 30th of July, the Supercup takes place between the German master and the cup winner.

Both teams are therefore only on 30./31. Discuss august. The final was terminated on 3 June 2023.

Father s entertainment at CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo s girlfriend expects twins

Manchester (in English: Manchester) is a city and a metropolitan municipality of Great Manchester County in England, United Kingdom. He obtained his city status in 1853 and had an estimated population of 530 300 inhabitants in 2015 with an urban population of 3.2 million. In turn, he is part of the third urban agglomeration of the United Kingdom, after London and Birmingham.
Manchester is an important artistic, financial, media and higher education center. In a survey of British business leaders published in 2006, Manchester was considered the best place in the United Kingdom to establish a business. A report commissioned by the Association of Manchester, published in 2007, showed Manchester as the city with fastest economic growth. It is the third most visited city in the United Kingdom by foreign tourists. Manchester was the hostess of the 2002 Commonwealth games, and is home to two Soccer Teams of the Premier League, Manchester United and Manchester City.
Historically, most of the city was part of Lancashire County, with the areas located south of the Mersey River in Cheshire County. Manchester was the first industrialized city in the world and played a central role during the Industrial Revolution. It became the main international center of textile and cotton yarn. During the nineteenth century he acquired the nickname of cottonopolis, suggesting it was a metropolis of cotton factories. The city center is located in a provisional list of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, mainly due to the network of channels and mills built during the XVIII and XIX centuries.

We are overjoyed to announce that we expect twins. This is the Embassy of Football Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo to his followers in the social media. As the attacker of Manchester United announced on Thursday afternoon, his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez is pregnant.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Pregnant Girlfriend Announce Another Set of Twin

Our hearts are full of love – we can not wait to meet you, says the Megastar in his contribution to Instagram & Co. With the birth of the twins, CR7 becomes a father s sixth time.

With his girlfriend Georgina, with which Ronaldo has been lying since 2016, fivefold world footballers already has a three-year daughter. In addition, Cr is already a father of an eleven-year-old son of one of the public s unknown mother and a four-year twin pair, which was held by a surrogate mother.

With his Club Manchester United it runs for the Portuguese, however less well. After the 0: 5 home swatter against the FC Liverpool around TeamManager Jürgen Klopp, the Red Devils rank only ranked seven of the Premier League – whopping eight points behind leader FC Chelsea.

More: Manchester United again in the crisis! Chiller coach & dissatisfied stars

For four games, the team could not win a victory of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the league in the league. Only in the Champions League is United after the embarrassing prospect of the Young Boys Bern after two wins against Valencia and Atalanta Bergamo on course.

While Ronaldo runs privately to the highest shape, at least in the league finished the trigger. Since four games CR7 has not achieved a hit in the Premier League. His goalkeeping in England s elite class is currently on lean three hits in six games that the Portuguese national player completed since his return to Manchester United.

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