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Eintracht Frankfurt leaves after riots with probationary penalty

After the riots at 1-0 at Olympic Marseille on September 13, the European Football Union (UEFA) enforced an away lock for the next visitor efficiency of the Hesse as well as a sub-lock for at the very least 1000 viewer areas at the following residence video game, but set both charges for one year Probation.


After the disagreements in the 1-1 at NGC Pizza, Fragrance will hit hard on September 8th. For the following 2 away video games, the FC is not allowed to sell tickets to its followers, as well as the UEFA likewise made a fine of 100,000 euros against the Bundesliga club. Marseille as well as Nice have to play their following residence game behind shut doors.

After the serious riots in the European Mug, Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt in the Champions Organization escapes money and also probation fines. 1. FC Cologne, on the other hand, need to play his next 2 away games in the Seminar League without fans.

Contract should pay an overall of 45,000 euros and also reimburse the damage that has created their own followers in the stadium in Marseille.

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Despite 3 deficiency: Turkey avoids humiliation against Luxembourg

Luxembourg acted tiny with a 4-5-1. The FC Getafe striker was well offered in the fine location, however the verdict was not shocked caretaker Morris (Second).

From an actually harmless circumstance, the gap for Turkey caused a little later: Martins utilized a communication issue in between the Turkish goalkeeper Fakir and also protector Email ice-cold (8th).

The objective provided Luxembourg self-confidence-the delight but maintained briefly. The Turkish demonstrators fell short either at the Luxembourg goalkeeper Morris, such as Ural (18th), or shots from Dervisoglu (23rd), KOK (26th) the last precision was missing.

divine Turkish protection

The Turks had extra possession, however can not obtain the Luxembourg defense into problem. Luxembourg, on the various other hand, proceeded to set needles as well as this successfully: Gerson Rodrigues made use of a theme from Bonnet to 3: 2 (69. ).


The Yuks, which had actually simply been substituted previously, placed a Schooner from 25 meters to the 3: 3 last rating online (87th). Turkey has just missed out on a humiliation, however can still be happy in the end: Turkey rises to organization B of the Nations League with this outcome. Luxembourg welcomes Lithuania at the exact same time.

Turkey was then penalized ice-cold for customers for possibilities. Borges Ranches dominated Than’s round as well as served Sinai completely, that racked up for another trip (37th).

The Turks had extra belongings, but might not get the Luxembourg defense into problem. Luxembourg, on the other hand, continued to establish needles and this properly: Gerson Rodrigues used a theme from Bonnet to 3: 2 (69. ).

Luxembourg acted more portable with a 4-5-1. The Turkish demonstrators failed either at the Luxembourg goalkeeper Morris, such as Ural (18th), or shots from Dervisoglu (23rd), KOK (26th) the last precision was missing.

DFB – national player Antonio Rüdiger: WM.

In the controversial award of the Globe Mug to Qatar, interests of professionals and fans were ignored in the German global Antonio Rudder.
The decision for the desert World Cup in winter months (November 20 to December 18) was not created fans as well as us players, claimed Actual Madrid main protector in an interview withSport1 _.
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Instead, the honor by the Executive Committee of the Globe Football Organization FIFA in 2010 shows that money and power play a really crucial duty in world football.

Rudder himself does not see himself to call up the boycott: I do not see the discussion concerning a feasible boycott at the level of officials and also associations-but not gamers.

Lewandowski at World Cup with Ukraine

The argument was provided to the former Bayern specialist at a conference in the country arena in Warsaw from the Ukrainian football icon Andrej Schewtschenko.

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We can not claim that absolutely nothing had occurred, Lewandowski said at the time. A short time later, the Russian nationwide team was excluded by all worldwide competitors of the Globe Association FIFA.

Thank you, Andrej. It was a satisfaction to meet you! It will certainly be an honor for me to use this captain’s armband in the state shades of Ukraine at the World Cup, created the FC Barcelona expert on Instagram as well as posted a suggestion of and also Schewtschenko. Poland will play versus Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Mexico at the Globe Mug in Qatar from November 20 to December 18. The Ukrainians can not qualify.

Lewandowski had actually formerly revealed his complete support with Ukraine, which has actually been protecting itself against a Russian assault war since February 24. The striker and also his Polish national group associates had publicly mentioned that they did not intend to contend against Russia in the playoffs for the World Cup on March 24th.

As a sign of solidarity with Ukraine, Poland striker Robert Lewandowski wishes to run with a yellow and also blue captain’s armband at the Globe Mug.

Düsseldorf is claimed to be German NFL

The city of Düsseldorf is to be built into the new facility of the US football league NFL in Germany.

Düsseldorf must therefore end up being an administrative facility of the NFL in Germany. All Germany’s abilities of one of the largest s organizations on the planet are then controlled from Düsseldorf, claimed the league. In order to be extra present in the city, the NFL will certainly be present with a cars and truck at the Rosenmontagenzug 2023.


Agents of the billion buck organization and Düsseldorf Mayor Stephan Keller (CDU) authorized a matching declaration of intent on Tuesday at the ing activities’ company congress Sp obis in the NRW state resources.

During the application as a German place for an NFL game, Düsseldorf had left the much shorter versus Munich as well as Frankfurt. The league plays its very first regular game of the period in Germany on November 13th in the Allianz Field with the duel between the Tampa fl Bay Buccaneers and also the Seattle Seahawks. A routine NFL game will certainly happen in Germany by 2025.

Universal, The successor of light Zeus reveals

Comes Holdings will launch a large-scale update of ‘Heir of Light’.


In this update, the new five-star character (servant) of the Greek myth concept will be unveiled for the first time. She appears as a female character with attractive appearance, not a muscular middle-aged man described in Greek mythology. She, however, is, unlike her appearance, she has a powerful power to match the nickname of the king of the gods.

Water / Forest / Light Attribute Zeus is her long-range attack character, ignoring her enemy’s defense and causing proportional damage to her attack. She especially in her allies, if she contains Hades, her damage increases 100 %, which can be used more effectively. The fire / dark attribute is a recovery-type character that is immune to the weakening effect, and she can release the weakening effect of all allies. It is very versatile in his content because it reduces the attack of Raid Boss, Bastille, by 90%.

There are also various events commemorating the update. The event dungeon, which can be definitely acquired by Zeus, will be held until the 23rd of next month. In the event dungeon of the tower, a total of eight servants appear as a boss of each floor. Through the clear rewards, you can obtain ‘Zeus’ of all attributes except light properties, and you can also get ‘Water/Forest Greek Clues’ and ‘Fire Hades’.

The ‘Banquet Drop Event’, which collects ‘golden apples’ in various contents such as exploration, dungeons, and Daemon, will be held until the 16th of next month. The golden apology you acquired can get ‘Light Properties Zeus Draft’, ‘Light/Dark 5-Star Servant Options’, and ‘8-Star Equipment’. The Forest Summon Marvel Event, which will be held until the 30th, will present items such as ‘5-star character summon seat’ and ‘debris of transcendence’.

VfB Stuttgart: Ex-Dortmund Dan

VfB Stuttgart has enhanced its protective with the just recently without a legal main defender Dan-Axel Paradox.


The 23-year-old Frenchman, who had been retired at Borussia Dortmund after five years at the end of last season, obtains a contract with the Swabians in 2026.
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For BVB, the former junior international from 2017 up until last summer 67 Bundesliga as well as 15 Champions League operations.

Media: Letsch is said to be brand-new Bochum

The 54-year-old would do well Thomas Was, that needed to go after a beginning of the period. Under Interims’ instructor Halo Butcher, the Westphalia had actually won the initial point in this season on Sunday via the 1-1 against 1. FC Cologne.

Obviously, Thomas Let sch, presently at the Dutch Honor Division Finesse Arnhem, is to come to be the new head train of Bundesliga club VFL Bochum. This reports

For Let sch, however, the VFL would have to pay a transfer fee. Last summer SPOT as well as goal Let sch in Arnhem checked out for an interview.

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Basketball European Championship: Dirk Nowitzki is looking onward to a rosy future

Schröder, who once more beamed with 26 points, ensured that he would certainly remain to comply with the national team’s reputation in the future. The team chemistry is huge. I will certainly stay here up until I can no much longer run, said the Los Angeles Lakers NBA expert and also added: I assume we have made German basketball a bit sexier once again. The pattern Enter the best direction.

The leading entertainers are still young. I believe that the future is rosy for the German basketball, claimed Nowitzki in Magenta after captain Dennis Schröder as well as Co. 69 (36:23).

Basketball idol Dirk Nowitzki counts on the German national team a lot after the bronze successful stroke at the house European Champions in the coming years.

after the Basketball European Championship is prior to the 2023 Globe Cup

nowitzki and schröder saw one of the future defining heads in NBA capturing celebrity Franz Wagner. He will certainly lead the national group. He is an amazing individuality, said Schröder.

National instructor Gordon Herbert also sees the team, which is almost gotten the 2023 World Mug in Japan, Indonesia and also in the Philippines, at the end of their advancement.

Nowitzki hopes that Wagner has a long, long profession internationally in front of him. At just 21, Orlando Magic’s professional played a strong European Champion and also established approximately 15.2 points.

DBB coach Herbert sees advancement at the beginning

We are hungry. The dissatisfaction that it was inadequate for the final is in us, stated co-captain Johannes Voigtmann: This is an excellent signal since everyone had such an assumption that we would certainly most likely to the last. We have to maintain that.

When I talked with the boys in August, they dedicated themselves for 3 years to develop something, claimed Herbert. Each effective nationwide team has actually established its own identification over a while. We’re just starting with it, claimed the Canadian.


With the 3rd EM medal after Gold in 1993 as well as Silver 2005, the team additionally licked blood, the semi-finals against Spain and the missed title possibility should be a motivation.

Schröder, who when again shone with 26 points, ensured that he would certainly proceed to adhere to the national team’s online reputation in the future. The team chemistry is enormous. He will certainly lead the national team. Each effective national group has actually established its own identity over a while.

Create an evil secret base and like the boss! Approaching the appeal of the battle -type Digobo CHAMBERS OF DEVIOUS DESIGN that overtakes friends! [Play in Digebo! ]

Play in Diego! Features a digital board game with charm with board game elements, card game elements, and table talk RPG (TRPG) elements. This time, we will deliver a battle-type digital board game CHAMBERS OF DEVIOUS DESIGN , which is a boss of evil organizations and creates a secret base by pulling out friends.

This work was distributed by Redneck Games on STEAM on September 5, 2022. Red beak Games released the rogue light SRPG Mortal Glory set in a fantasy world arena on January 29, 2020. It was also supported by Japanese, and was well received because of its unique game and high addictive.

This work is also as unique as Mortal Glory, and players are members of the evil organization, creating a secret base and loving the boss. However, other members of the organization are thinking about the same, so they will build a secret base while pulling each other.

It is the content of this work, but it is a panel arrangement game in which players put tiles that become parts in the room in order. The game system is similar to the masterpiece board game Calkathonne, and when you put a tile, you have to connect the doors in the room. In addition, this work can also attack other players. Let’s play what kind of game it is!

Let’s make a secret base of evil!

Although it is a game mode, there are tutorial, campaign and custom game . In custom games, in addition to AI, local interpersonal battles are possible. Let’s start with the tutorial. The old man in the image is the boss of an evil organization.

For the purpose of the game, you have to create a secret base for the boss. In the center of the screen is Starter room , and the room panel on the right side of the screen must be connected here. It is a condition for placement, but it is necessary to connect the doors in the room .

The room panels have names, types and effects, respectively. This time, we connected the gorgeous art collection room to the starter room. When the all doors in the room panel are connected to other room panels, they become room completion , and bonuses such as victory points can be obtained. This area is like Calkathonne.

The bonus differs for each room, and in the case of a luxurious art collection, it has the effect of room score (victory point, green number in the center of the room panel) increases by as many neighbors (). Neighbors are adjacent rooms, and if the walls are adjacent, you don’t have to connect the door). Also, if the adjacent room type is Entertainment , one score in the room will be added. Let’s meet the conditions as much as possible and increase the victory.

Next, connect Minion Motivation Lounge to Luxurious Art Collection. Although it is a four-point room, it has the effect of +1 ** when there is an economy type room in the neighborhood. The luxurious art collection is an economy type, so after connecting, it was 5 points.

Connect the summon powder manufacturer room to the luxurious art collection. The room has now been connected to all three doors of the luxurious art collection and has become a completed state. Since it is +1 points as many neighbors, it is+3 points.

By the way, the score in the room is also room HP . Note that if you receive an attack from your opponent, the score in the room will decrease, and the room with the 0 score will disappear ** (there are no opponents in the tutorial).

We will connect the remaining room panels more and more. When the room panel is the last one, a new panel is automatically replenished. The score can be obtained not only by connecting the room, but also by satisfying the condition of bonus goal at the top right of the screen. Currently, you can get 9 points in Mantra Room X5, so let’s aim for this.

The icon at the bottom left of the screen (the tip of the orange arrow) is passive skill . Collect a specific room type or take a specific action to get a score. The large icon below is abilities , which is effective by clicking (there is a limit on the number of uses).

Activate the ability Nice Neighbor in persuasive room. It has the effect of rooms around +1 points . In addition, there are various effects, such as +2 points of target rooms and +1 points of three rooms to be made in the future, so let’s use it at the right time.

Clear 60 points of the target score and clear the tutorial! If you have an opponent, the player who has reached the target score first will win. In addition, the room tiles will be put out one by one, and if there is no place to put it, it will be a pass. If the pass lasts twice, you will be defeated at that point. It’s a good idea to put out a room that is difficult to connect early.

Let’s make up with evil organizations!

Next, play campaign . You can select a character, but it is locked except for Vivian used in the previous tutorial. It will be released as the game progresses, so first from Vivian. You can select the game difficulty from four levels of easy, normal, hard, and master (be careful as the difficulty cannot be changed during the campaign).

A little story will be developed before the game starts. The new Vivian asks an evil boss to create an evil secret base to spend the summer comfortably. It feels like a summer resort, but let’s make it for the time being.

Each campaign has clear conditions, and this time it is called gets 40 points within 15 turns . Because I put the room panel appropriately, I couldn’t make a completed room more than I thought, and it was quite clear. There are many strange rooms, so if you don’t think about it, you won’t be able to put it.

In the next stage, an opponent appears. It is the minion of the evil organization Eddie . You seem to be good at handling flame bottles. The boss says that they have two secret bases and live at the base of their favorite. It is a victory condition, but the person who reached 70 points first will win.

There are two starter rooms, and the orange is Eddie. The room tiles are taken from the common pool (left on the screen), so it will be first served. Room panels have a variety of effects, such as a room that can attack enemies and a self-destruction room that destroys the adjacent rooms. Use bad things to use as an enemy as soon as possible.

Installed cannon room . He / she shoots the surrounding rooms. Just because there was an opponent’s room in the ray, it was damaged and destroyed. Now you have reduced your opponent’s score by 4 points. By the way, the attack does not matter whether the enemy is an enemy or friend, so if your room is on the ray, you will take damage.

Achieved 70 points first and win the game! Vivian’s new ability Possibility has been unlocked. The completion effect of the target room or the placement effect is activated (only once per game). In this condition, let’s secure a position in the evil organization.

General who pulls his legs

The next partner is Emilio . This time, the victory condition is survive to the end . This stage has a narrow range, so if you continue the pass without putting the room, you will lose. You have to think more and more than before.

The score doesn’t matter to the victory conditions, so let’s just extend the room in the direction of the opponent and narrow the placement range. I will fight back with the attacking room panel, but I managed to survive and win!

The next minion that came out was Shaka . The victory condition of the stage seems to be very difficult, such as destroying six rooms . In addition, Shaka has the ability of material enhancement ** and can protect the room from attack.

The starter room this time is red. Although the cannon room is placed on the front line, Shaka has used the above-mentioned abilities material enhancement, so it will not be damaged. Moreover, the front line has a high-scored room, so it can not be easily destroyed.

Dynamite Warehouse is self-destructed as soon as it is placed and deals 5 damage to the adjacent enemy room. Now I blow off the enemy’s score 5 room. There are only 5 rooms left. It seems to be quite long.

A strike with a room for attacks. Eventually, this was destroyed six rooms first and managed to win. The luck factor was also a strong battle.

Next is three players. The victory condition is When you reach 15 turns, the most score player wins . It is good that this work has various victory conditions. Whether Vivian can win, and continue to play with your own hands.

Highly addictive battle Digit

This work has a high degree of perfection as a battle-type game, and has a highly addictive content. As a play feeling, placing a room tile is similar to Calkathonne, but it is also possible to attack opponents, so the strategy is wide. If it is a four-player match, it will be a careless development, such as attacking from a different direction. I don’t have a prosperity of evil is a work that clearly understands that I am self-destroying by pulling my feet between my friends.

In Custom Games, you can set game rules, victory conditions, map types, etc. in detail. You can play online not only with local pas splay interpersonal battles, but also by using Steam’s remote play. Japanese is also supported, so if you like tiled board games such as Calkathonne, or if you like the previous work Mortal Glory, please try this work.

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