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PSG | Pochettino zu Mbappe: I dont know his plans

PSG offer to Kylian Mbappe ????????⚽️ #mbappe #football #shorts

Master coach Mauricio Pochettino from Paris Saint-Germain does not know the plans of his superstar Kylian Mbappé.

“I don’t know what his decision is. This is Kylian’s personal matter, and that of the club,” said the coach before the last game of the French football champion on Saturday evening against Metz. “A lot of rumors are buzzing around.”

Mbappé has been associated with the Champions League finalist Real Madrid for a long time. His contract at PSG expires at the end of the season. Most recently, the 23 -year -old Frenchman said that he had “almost” decided where he would play in the coming season and wanted to announce this shortly. Pochettino would very much like to hold his top scorer (25 goals in Ligue 1).

Jürgen Klopp considers a transfer by French world champion Mbappé to Liverpool FC is unrealistic. The club of the English Premier League was “not part” of the discussions about the next step of the PSG player, the German coach of the Reds had recently said.

Everything knows about V Rising launch on Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch

Independent development came to rescue the video game market from the lack of novelties, and V Rising has become the fashionable game on Steam. A vampire adventure that comes in the form of an ARPG and is currently only available to PC gamers. However, not a few Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch players wonder what they can expect from their platforms. No one wants to miss out on a big title, and even less so in a time of drought.

Will V Rising be released on consoles?
The first thing we need to know is that V Rising is not currently available on any console. However, that is not the worst of the situation. Most of the games released in early access format do so with a temporary exclusivity on PC. This is not a universal truth but a standard modus operandi. Focusing on a single platform is much easier, and computers offer more facilities to developers, especially in a genre like this.

The worst news for PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switches gamers is that the plan for a port is not even in sight. Indeed, we should not close any possibility since both the ARPG genre and many titles that were not initially planned for more than desktop platforms have managed to leap. However, with an Early Access release on May 17th, it will be long before the game reaches those platforms.

V Rising is not yet compatible with a controller.
The thing that makes us most pessimistic about a V Rising release on consoles is that it doesn’t even support a controller. V Rising is not yet compatible with a controller. The developers have considered that the best way to enjoy the game is with a keyboard and mouse, ensuring that even players less familiar with this system were able to adapt during their tests. So while it’s possible to plug in an Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch controller and have it work, not even all the shortcuts can be configured.

As in all cases, the final decision will depend on the community. If V Rising can stay in shape, be a long-term success, and players keep asking for it to be released on consoles or to be able to use a controller, it may happen. However, everything will depend on how it resists the passage of time.

John-Patrick Strauß hires at FC Hansa Rostock

Foreign rail player John-Patrick Strauß, born in Wetzlar and with Filipino roots, signed a two-year contract in Rostock. The 26-year-old comes from FC Erzgebirge Aue, for whom he has played 103 second division games since 2017. In addition, the 1.77 -meter -tall right foot on twelve international operations (two goals) for the Filipino national team.

EMOTIONALER LETZTER SPIELTAG! STADIONVLOG: Hansa Rostock - HSV | Fanmarsch & Pyro | Stadion Vlog

“I am happy and motivated to continue my career at Hansa Rostock,” Strauß is quoted at the Hansa club website. “I know the loud audience from the first leg from last season and now I am happy to achieve the goals together with these fans in the back and the team.”

“With John-Patrick, we were able to sign a very well-trained player who can be used variably on both outer lanes,” says Martin Pieckenhagen, Board of Sport in Rostock. “With his pronounced offensive urge, together with his strong duel behavior, the good technology and its running strength, he was part of the regular staff in Aue and thus inevitably also has a lot of experience in the 2nd division.”

NBA playoffs: used day for MAVS

Basketball national player Maxi Kleber and his Dallas Mavericks started with a defeat in the playoff semi-final.

How Luka & The Dallas Mavs DECEIVED The Entire NBA.. | Mavericks News (Jalen Brunson, Dinwiddie)

The Texans lost 87: 112 at the Golden State Warriors and initially conceded a dampers in the best-of-Seven series.

Three days after the gala performance in the decisive match against the Phoenix Suns (123: 90), the MAVs caught a used day for their stricken superstar Luka Doncic (shoulder problems) and were behind from the start. Doncic (20 points) and Co. Together just 31 of their 86 attempts at throw from the field.

Defense specialist Kleber was also unable to put his stamp on the game of Dallas in the almost 20 minutes of operation (3 points, 3 rebounds).

“If you lose with a point or 40 points, it is only a defeat. We have to prepare for the second game now,” said Doncic: “But I have to get better. I have to play better for the whole group and that is due to me.”

curry: “We did what we should do”

The Warriors, on the other hand, get upset with their balance. In the end, exceptional skiers Stephen Curry landed on 21 points, Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole each collected 19 points. Four other players scored double digits. “We did what we should do – we won the first game, but there is still a lot of work,” said Curry.

Shortly before the game, Dallas had been finished by the NBA bosses for improper behavior on the replacement bank to a fine of $ 50,000. In the event of success against the Suns, the players would have entered the field in several cases and once again illegally. For this reason, the Mavericks had already been fined at the beginning of May.

Dallas has been in the Conference final for the first time since the title coup eleven years ago. Now the new head coach Jason Kidd, member of the championship team, is missing only one step to the big finals. Should it work against the Warriors, there could even be a German duel. Because in the second semi -final, Daniel Theis meets the Miami Heat with the Boston Celtics – but Boston also lost game one of the series on Wednesday.

Approved! FC Schalke says goodbye to five players

FC Schalke 04 said goodbye to five players from his promotion team.
With goalkeeper Martin Fraisl, midfielder Marc Rzatkowski and defender Salif Sané, the expiring contracts will not be extended, as the football club from the Ruhr area announced.

Yaroslav Mikhailov and Andreas Vindheim were on Schalke as loan players.
“These are not simple decisions, especially after such a successful year and promotion with the second division championship,” Schalkes director Rouven Schröder is quoted in a club statement.
In addition to the players, Peter Hermann also leaves Gelsenkirchener.
The 70-year-old had stepped in in the final sprint of the season in the 2nd Bundesliga as an interim coach Mike Büskens’ coach and returned to the German Football Association as agreed.

Rouven Schröder (Sportdirektor FC Schalke 04) im Interview | das aktuelle sportstudio - ZDF
There he should again act as an assistant coach of the U20 national team.

NHN, establish a dedicated organization to strengthen ESG management

[ESG Committee Moon Young -soo reporter] NHN is starting to strengthen ESG management.

ESG: Why Your Organization Should Care & How to Get Started

NHN (CEO Jung Woo -jin) announced on the 17th that it will establish a dedicated ESG organization at the group level and promote ESG management strategy. The new ‘ESG TF’ is operated directly under the representative of NHN, Jung Woo -jin, and consists of employees of the relevant department leaders and practical promotions in each area of environment, society, and governance.

At the same time, NHN established the ‘ESG Conference’ to expand ESG management throughout the group company. NHN headquarters, NHN AD, NHN Academy, NHN Big Foot, NHN Bucks, NHN Cloud, NHN Commerce, NHN Data, NHN Duray, NHN Edu, NHN Enterprise, NHN Korea Cyber Payment, NHN Payco, etc. The representatives of 14 group companies will participate.

NHN plans to systematically promote ESG strategies and areas, focusing on new organizations. The ESG conference takes on the role of inheriting ESG management throughout the NHN group and encouraging each company’s practice and achievements. The ESG TF will establish and manage short -term and mid- to long -term tasks for each department according to the ESG management strategy roadmap.

Earlier, NHN established the ESG Committee under the board of directors in March and began preparing to strengthen ESG management. The ESG Committee consisted of three outside directors to enable objective and professional and risk management, and was chairman of Hanyang University Computer Software. The committee will deliberately deliberate on major strategies and policies related to ESG management based on independence, and check the performance of the tasks.

The ESG Committee, held on the 9th, decided to establish a dedicated ESG organization and establish a NHN ESG promotion strategy. In accordance with the results of the committee, NHN’s ESG promotion strategy is to grow regional and SME through technology ▲ realize business value based on the spirit of people and partner -oriented corporate spirit It is contained.

This year, NHN has declared its full -fledged ESG management and continues to carry out various internal and external activities where all employees participate. The company is expanding the training of local IT talent, focusing on the NHN Academy Gyeongnam Campus, which was opened in March, and continues to develop employee participation donations and sharing campaigns for the community. In addition, in order to establish employee -oriented corporate culture, the company has expanded various welfare benefits such as growth support system, and has expressed its willingness to strengthen its shareholders’ return policy and actively communicate through its first shareholders.

In addition, NHN is carrying out ESG management in various ways, including efforts to reduce energy through eco -friendly urban data centers and office spaces, and will publish a sustainable management report that contains such ESG management results.

Chung Woo -jin, CEO of NHN, said, “We expect to be a bridgehead for the greater growth and vision of the next stage.” “We will actively operate a dedicated organization to establish NHN’s unique ESG value.”

Premier League: FC Arsenal patzt in Newcastle – Champions-League

Arsenal FC probably has to put up with a Europa League place in the English Premier League.
After the derby defeat at Tottenham Hotspur (0: 3), the 13-time champions also lost 0: 2 (0: 0) on Monday and remains fifth in the table.
On the last day of the match, the Spurs is sufficient for a tie with relegated Norwich City to secure fourth place.
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Newcastle 2-0 Arsenal | Europa League Is An Embarrasment For Arsenal!

Arsenals Ben White underwent an own goal in St. James’ Park for Newcastle’s leadership.
Bruno Guimaraes (85th) met the final score.
The German goalkeeper Bernd Leno was sitting on the bench near Arsenal.

Like Weinzierl: FCA players feel held by Reuter

Jan Moravek has been lacing the soccer shoes for FC Augsburg since 2012. As with the Alfred Finnbogason on Saturday, as well as in 2016, he was not enough for flowers to say goodbye. That was not due to evil will, much more due to the unclear future. Does the duo or one of the two still get a new contract or do you give your farewell performance in the 2-1 over Fürth? The two veterans had hoped for the answer weeks ago to have clarity at the end of the season. This wish was not met in the Augsburg management.

Markus Weinzierl in the cabin was confronted with the question almost every day. He could not answer them himself, he was in the same situation – held up by managing director Stefan Reuter. “In the past few weeks it was really the case that it was a big topic that there was unrest, that they asked me that the players asked themselves how to proceed,” emphasized Weinzierl. In the way the FCA, especially Reuter, dealt with the two deserved players, did not leave the coach good hair: “It is also a philosophy. Everyone has to decide for himself. He decides how he talks when he talks Talk and what he does. “

Reuter himself sees the whole topic less problematic. “It is certainly not an easy situation for the players. They both told me that they have an absolute understanding that they are still here in Augsburg for a few more days and are available for talks,” said the 55-year-old. However, an early decision has become less likely after the events of the past few days. The season analysis cannot take place as planned. On the one hand, President Klaus Hofmann, who resigned on Friday, will no longer take part in it, Weinzierl nor. Before Reuter has not found a new coach, he will hardly decide on the future of the waiting duo.

remarkable quota of Finnbogason

The 33-year-old Icelander Finnbogason and the 32-year-old Czech Moravek have to be patient. An extension should – if at all – only be very performance -related. 463 minutes of use at Moravek in the past season and only 286 at Finnbogason do not leave any scope. The attacker is most likely to have hopes for whereabouts. With two goals and one template in the few season, he even has a very remarkable quota, and he is also of great value as a leader and voice in the cabin. Especially since the poorly balanced squad is not bursting with such forces.

21/22 // Pressekonferenz nach Fürth // Mijatovic & Weinzierl
Perhaps both sooner or later also have enough and anticipate the decision -making chief – like Weinzierl. And the flowers? It may be available in 2028. At least the former goalkeeper Alexander Manninger (2012 to 2016) received his farewell six years after his farewell on Saturday afternoon.

Cadiz – Real 1: 1 | Replacement goalkeeper Lunin holds penalty

In the absence of numerous spared stars, it was the second guard of the royal who was allowed to operate in Cadiz: Already in the 5th minute Mariano Diaz, who represented benzema (not in the squad) in the storm center But especially with template giver Rodrygo, who had previously left five players’ players in his sensational dribbling.

However, the early lead and another chance by Asensio (12th) deceived a little over the fact that Cadiz was the more active team from the start. However, neither Akapo (1st), nor Negredo (14th, 24th) were able to use the uncomfortable carelessness in Real’s defensive.

Real defends Vogelwild – Cadiz deservedly compensates for

Cádiz vs Real Madrid | All Goals & Highlights | LaLiga Santander 21-22

However, this did not turn out to be warning signals for the master and champions League finalists. Replacement goalkeeper Lunin, who represented Courtois, had to offer all his skills against Idrissi (36th), but was beaten a short time later when a Sobrino shot was fell into goal from the lower edge of the latte – the absolutely deserved equalization ( 37.). Actually, the underdog would have had to lead to the break, but it did not use regular mistakes in the real defensive after the 1: 1.

Cadiz ‘runs chances: Lunin holds penalty

Even after the change of sides, it was clearly noticeable that one team was sure to get the championship and that the other had to avoid an impending descent. Real failed, Cadiz dominated – but Cadiz just didn’t use his chances. After another Militao error, Negredo was taken from Lunin from his legs, but failed in the due penalty due to Real’s replacement goalkeeper (61.). It was the beginning of a private duel between Cadiz ‘Sturm -Routinier and the Ukrainian in the Madrilenen goal: twice, Lunin destroyed the best chances of Negredo in the a follow -up minutes (67th, 70th) – it was desperate for the relegation candidate.

Real came against far-up home side at least some switching situations and opportunities by Mariano Diaz (63.), Asensio (68.) and Ceballos (90.+2), but was extremely good with the 1-1 final score below the line served – Sobrino awarded the last of many good opportunities of the underdog (83.). Double bitter for Cadiz: Competitor Mallorca won against Rayo Vallecano through a goal in added time and moved past the Andalusians in the table, which thus slip on a relegation z1. On the last matchday, Cadiz no longer has the rescue in his own hands.

HSV does not yet think of relegation

Although the third place in the table for Hamburger SV after a win in the last second division season on Sunday (3:30 p.m./Sky) with Hansa Rostock, coach Tim Walter has banished all the thoughts of the two relegation games from his head.

2003 (June 2) Atalanta 1 -Reggina 2 (Italian Serie A)- Relegation playoff, Second Leg

“I only think of our job in Rostock, where we have to do our homework first,” said the coach on Friday. The coach is not interested at all whether it would be about the Bundesliga promotion on May 19 and 23.

The HSV could, provided its own victory, also rise directly if Nordrival Werder Bremen was to lose his home game against Jahn Regensburg at the same time.

The ungrateful and worthless rank, which the Hanseates have already taken in the past three years, would also be conceivable. This would be the case if the fourth -placed SV Darmstadt 98 was to score more points against SC Paderborn on Sunday than the Hamburgers in Rostock.

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